Sagun Nirgun

07: Faith

A feeling of deep respect or admiration for someone or something is referred to as ‘Reverence.’ Deep faith and devotion in the spiritual scriptures, on the spiritual Guru is the highest form of ‘Reverence.’

The ‘Prashnopanishad’ stating that ‘deep faith or ‘Reverence’ has originated from Paramatma,’ is evident from a dialogue among Rishi Pippalada and his six disciples – Kabandha, Bhargava, Kausalya, Gargya, Satyakama and Sukesha. Once, the prince of Kosala (today’s Uttar Pradesh), Hiranyanabha, approached Sukesha and asked, “Who is the one who is perfect?” Sukesha did not know, so the prince left. Sukesha now asked the same question to his Guru, Pippalada. Pippalada answered, “The Supreme Being is the one with the kalas (attributes) and thee attributes are also his creation. Just as a diamond has facets, similarly, the Paramatma and kalas. Among these, God first created ‘Prana.’ He then went on to create Reverence and then the five major elements and the remaining kalas were created. The Supreme Being resides in everyone’s heart. ‘Reverence’ being His very nature, every human being inherently has this attribute.

Everyone has the freedom to revere any God he wishes to worship. In the Shrimad Bhagawadgita, the Lord says, “ṣradḍayā-arcitaṃ-icchati,’ I make an aspirant’s devotion towards his favorite deity steadfast. Worshipping any deity in any form is worshipping Me.” This is the ultimate freedom the merciful God has given us because he is unbiased in his compassion and generosity. He only seeks our welfare.

Surdasa, a great devotee of Lord Krishna was blind. One day, on his way home, he was so engrossed in chanting the Lord’s name, that he started going somewhere else. Someone appeared and held his hand. Surdasa recognized ‘who’ it was and held on tightly. But as soon as both reached home, then the person quickly released his hand and walked away. Surdasa said, “Even though you left my hand, I have held you strongly in my mind, so you can go wherever you want.” A true devotee uses his eyes of faith and devotion and is determined and steadfast on his journey to the Self. Sant Dnyaneshwar describes the importance of ‘Faith’ as follows: “I fulfill the devotee’s desire to worship his favorite deity” 


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