Sagun Nirgun


Creation literary means ‘to produce.’ The Rigveda states that ‘the Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive and is the creator. Shree Samarth Ramadas describes that “the Creator is extraordinarily skilled, and his creation has no match.”

One of the characteristics that exists in the universe is Discipline. For example, the rising and setting of the sun and moon, the seasons, the flowering, and fruiting. This means there is someone who imposes this discipline. Just as a CEO of a company manages and decides what’s best for the company, similarly the ‘Almighty’ is the CEO of this universe. Another characteristic we see in nature is Variety.’ For example, the vivid color of a peacock’s feathers, the sweet song of a Nightingale and the diversity in colors of the flowers are all His doing.

God is all pervasive, omnipresent. A beautiful event between Sant Namdev and his Guru Visobha Khechar elucidates this truth. Sant Visobha Khechar was resting with his feet on the Shiva-linga. Sant Namdev felt awkward. He picked up Visoba Khechar’s feet and placed them down. Suddenly, another Shiva-linga appeared under Visoba Khechar’s feet. Everytime Sant Namdev placed his Guru’s feet elsewhere, a Shiva-linga would appear under it. Sant Visobha advised Sant Namdev, “Shiv-linga is present everywhere. The Omniscient God is also omnipresent.”

The Lord wants what’s best for all His children. He takes on a form for His devotee to guide and help. This is the real reason why there are so many forms of the Lord. Every man should strive to stay positive and pray to the Lord, that he helps us be better human beings. When what we pray to the Lord is in-tune with the Lord’s wishes, our wish becomes the Divine wish and is fulfilled. This has been very beautifully summarized by Sant Namdev, “Whether my body stays or perishes, let your name be on my lips, let me be steadfast in your devotion, may you always be in my heart. I will not leave your feet. This is my wish and only you can fulfill it.”


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