Kundalini Shaktipat Mahayog

A means of boundless peace and divine bliss

The most ancient, pure and rare form of Yoga
Supernatural happiness, peace and contentment​
Universality beyond religion, caste & gender
Long and divine lineage of Mahayoga Masters

Mahayoga is unique, effective and definitely blissful

According to Indian philosophy, the prime aim of this life is to attain “Moksha” (Liberation) acquiring supreme wisdom. To attain this aim,there are various ways like Devotion, Knowledge (dnyana) and Yoga are available for mankind.

Some of the seekers are aware about the types of Yogas like Hat yoga, Mantra yoga, Raj yoga, Lay yoga. But very distinctive one, a divine and equally promising path of Yoga for the seeker, is Maha Yoga alias Kundalini Shaktipat Yoga In Hath Yoga, the seeker has to practice on himself. It is tiresome and dangerous also. Whereas, the seeker practicing Mahayoga, has nothing to think on his own. All the resultant actions take place automatically according to the resonation of power by Sadguru and the preparedness of the seeker. Maha Yoga is one of the most ancient and proven methods in Yoga practices, ever known to mankind.

In this practice of Maha Yoga, just by the resonating power of Sadguru, Kundalini Shakti gets activated and vibrant. On this awakening of Kundalini Shakti (Power), a seeker experiences variously on the different levels of Material or Physical, Psychological, and Prana (life force). With the aligning of Blessings of Sadguru and the sincere practice of the devotee, his usual extrovert tendency changes to that of an introvert. As per the state of preparedness of the seeker, he goes through various extraordinary, divine experiences during the advancement of Kundalini Shakti penetrating through the six Chakras. The devoted seeker attains the ultimate supreme knowledge at the end of his sincere


Why is Shaktipat Mahayoga unique?

Shaktipat means awakening of Kundalini Shakti through the Guru’s power of resolution –

According to science of Yoga, Kundalini Shakti stays in the Muladhar Chakra. It is the eternal power of this universe. It is also known as Adimaya. In the common life, Kundalini Shakti is lays there at the Muladhar Chakra in the form of three and the half of a coil turns, in dormancy. This power is all pervasive, permanent and is entrapped under the influence of  onditioning of many births. The real journey on the spiritual path of the seeker starts only on the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. Trying to awaken this power by means of Hath Yoga is very tiresome and equally risky. You need to have a regular guidance of the enlightened Guru (master).

For the awakening of this Kundalini Shakti by means of Hath Yoga, seeker has to put in extreme efforts and through very persistently. Instead, in Maha Yoga, seeker experiences the awakening of his Kundalini at the very time of Initiation, just by the beneficial, divine power of Will of Sadguru. The seeker, craving for progress in the spiritual path through awakening of Kundalini Shakti, offers his prayers to Sadguru for the same. Exactly similar to the lighting another lamp with the help of illuminated one, Sadguru, initiates the seeker on the auspicious moment. It is not necessary that the seeker and the divine Guru have to be facing each other or at the same place.

The seeker receiving Initiation can be anywhere, at his hometown or own house or abroad while Guru is at his own hermitage or monastery. Due to the Initiation in Shaktipat, Kundalini Shakti of the seeker gets roused upward. It works with zest in removing all the coverings of the deeds in the past lives bringing back the seeker to his original pure status. In this journey, the seeker experiences many Kriyas (actions) taking place as deemed necessary, beyond the power of relating them and one’s imagination, basically belonging to Hath Yoga, Mantra Yoga, raj Yoga, Lay Yoga. In the supreme stage of this Sadhana (penance), his mind and Prana, both get vanished. He reaches the stage of “Chitta Vrutti Nirodh” (control over the mind and its tendency), as been described by great Ascetic Patanjali. Seeker receives the supreme, divine knowledge.

21 day's study for inquisitive seeker

Parampujya Shree Gulawani Maharaj’s “Sit comfortably, close the eyes, and just observe” is a very simple and easy technique to follow in Mahayoga.

Mahayoga is simple, effortless, cost-free, and is a practice in which the seeker’s experiences enable him to achieve the highest human potential.

In order to tune ourselves so that one is able to receive this Divine blessing, a 21-day study is to be followed by each inquisitive seeker. The study is as follows:

1. Place a comfortably thick 3 ft x 3 ft woolen blanket on the floor. Spread a white cotton cloth over it and sit cross-legged on it. Get comfortable and then slowly begin relaxing the body. Sink into the relaxation and experience yourself without your body. If you are unable to sit cross-legged on the floor, then a chair is also acceptable.
2. With deep faith and devotion towards the Divine life-force calmly close the eyes and experience the movement of the life-force through your spine moving in the upward direction from the base of the spine to the top of the head.
3. Keeping the eyes closed, slowly move your attention to your breath. Let the breathing happen naturally. Do not interfere with this process since at this point the Divine life-force takes charge of everything.
4.If there are any involuntary movements of the body, or mind let them happen. Do not try to stop them deliberately. The movements occur when the Divine life-force begins the process of cleansing our body and mind of samskaras from many previous births.
5. Continue this study with complete surrender and devotion.
6. While dipping into this eternal pool of joy, get up only when your eyes open automatically.

1. Do this study for consecutively 21 days and at least 21 minutes each day.
2. This study can be done at any time except within 3 hours of a heavy meal.

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