Sagun Nirgun

49: Sadguru Disciple Dialogue

Upanishads are considered the crown jewel of Indian philosophy. Upanishad means acquiring the knowledge of thinking and experience the oneness of Jiva, Jagat, Jagadish in the presence of Shreeguru.

In India, the mysteries of the scriptures are revealed by a learned Guru to an earnest disciple. In this regard, let us look at an enlightening conservation from the Chandogya Upanishad. Rishi Satyakama was wise and learned. Disciple Upakosala requested Satyakama, “Gurudev, please grant me Supreme knowledge.” Shreeguru told the Upakosala to “worship the fire God” while he went out of town. Upakosala followed his Guru’s advice and did his upasana. Pleased by Upakosala’s devotion and seeing his eagerness to gain knowledge, the fire god instructed, “Upakosala, the worship of Prana means to pay attention to the breath. This will bring happiness. But the Supreme knowledge you desire can only be attained from your Guru.” Agni God blessed Upakosala. In due course, when Sage Satyakama returned and asked Upakosala, “Upakosala, you are glowing. What happened?” Upakosala narrated what happened. Rishi Satyakama was pleased and said, “You are well prepared.” Early morning the next day, Satyakama seated Upakosala in front of him and initiated him into the path of Mahayoga. Upakosala experienced the Divine Consiciousness and said, “I am happy.” Later rishi Satyakama told him, “Upakosala, remember that you have to continue this sadhana diligently.” In short, initiation from an actual learned Guru is far more effective even if one receives divine initiation in sleep.

There is also a dialogue of Shreeguru and his disciples in the Mundakopanishad. Here, Shreeguru tells the students, “Look at nature. How do the plants grow on those high mountains? It is because of the Consciousness. Similarly, the spider weaves its web by itself and then draws it back in within itself. This is also due to the Consciousness. The universe originates from Consciousness itself. Every creation is a form of Consciousness. Therefore, children, by meditating on this Consciousness, you will gain inner strength and become versatile.” The students, realizing the true path, becomes happy. Thus, the Upanishads are the best means of attaining knowledge.


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