Sagun Nirgun

50: Chintamani

‘Yogavasishtha’ is a dialogue between Maharshi Vasishtha and Prabhu Shree Ramachandra. This scripture elucidates the secrets of philosophy in a simple language through stories.

The story about ‘Chintamani’ ‘wish-fulfilling jewel’ is very inspiring and thought provoking. There was a wealthy gentleman. Once he developed an ardent desire to possess the ‘wish-fulfilling jewel’ ‘Chintamani.’ He performed severe penance for it. In time, ‘Chintamani’ appeared before him. But the moment he saw it, he began questioning and doubting himself. He thought, “It takes a lot of effort to get the Chintamani, how did I get it so soon? Should I pick it up? No, what if the moment I touch it disappears?” As a result, the gentleman sat in front of the jewel and kept looking at it. Soon enough, the Chintamani could not bear to see this and thinking, “’I am right here even then he refuses to believe it”  it disappeared. The gentleman resumed his penance to acquire the jewel once again. However, people who saw him reject the real jewel and resuming his prayers to acquire it again, started mocking him. They scoffed him and when he was not looking, placed a piece of glittering glass in front of him. The gentleman, on seeing the glittering glass assumed it was the real jewel. He was extremely elated. He said to himself, “With this Chintamani, I can get whatever I want, I don’t need this wealth.” He then donated all his property and went to the forest and began praying to the glass piece. However, he did not get anything and was extremely disappointed. There was nothing he could do. He had lost everything. In short, man loses a lot because of doubt. To be decisive and to gain mental strength, one must worship the Lord.

The scriptures unanimously quote that every human being should surrender to the Lord and have the strong conviction that “every resolution is God’s and not mine.” The reality is that the Lord fulfils all good resolutions. We should all remember this important lesson.


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