Sagun Nirgun

48: śrīsamaślokī gurucaritra

Sant Shree Dnyashwar Maharaj’s Shree Dnyaneshwari is an important grantha in the varkari sampradaya. Similarly, Shree Ramdas Swami’s Shrimad Dasabodh is venerated in the samartha sampradaya. Similarly, Shree Saraswati Gangadhar’s ‘śrīgurucaritra’ has an important place in Datta Sampradaya. This grantha contains the biographies of Lord Shree Dattatraya, various Shree Datta Avatars and elaborate information on upasana, bhakti and dharma.

P. P. Shree Vasudevananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj is well-known as the third incarnation of Lord Shree Dattatraya. During Shree Swami Maharaj’s stay at brahmāvarta on the bank of the Ganges, the entire village affected by plague. At this time Shree Datta Prabhu ordered Shree Swami Maharaj, “Translate the Marathi ‘śrīgurucaritra’ into Sanskrit.” It was indeed extraordinary that Shree Datta Prabhu asked Shree Swami Maharaj to write the Lord’s biography despite the availability of the Marathi ‘śrīgurucaritra’. Shree Swami Maharaj obeyed Shree Datta Prabhu’s order and the grantha was written. It was as though the Supreme Being, Chaitanya, is praising Chaitanya. This grand grantha is śrīsamaślokī gurucaritra’. It is easy to translate Sanskrit texts into Marathi. But a Sanskrit translation of Marathi texts is an extremely difficult and a daunting task. Through the Sanskrit translation, Shree Swami Maharaj has given us the message that ‘Gurutattwa is the divine principle’, and His Holiness established the Shree Gurudatta Yoga.

The translation of every verse in the Marathi śrīgurucaritra into the reciprocal Sanskrit verse is samaślokī. Similarly, the combined composition of mantras in the Vedas is called ‘saṃhitā’. śrīsamaślokī –śrīguru saṃhitā is equivalent to the Vedas because every verse in śrīsamaślokī is a mantra.

Let’s see the glory of Shree Sadguru’s grace in this beautiful grantha. A farmer, a devotee of Shreeguru, would greet Shreeguru regularly. Once he prayed to Shreeguru, “May your vision fall on the field.” Seeing the green fields, Shreeguru told the farmer, “Cut all the crops.” The farmer had complete faith in Shreeguru. He explains to everyone, “Shreeguru’s order is like the Kamdhenu. I strongly believe that Shree Sadhguru is Shiva himself. He will take care of everything.” He chops down the entire crop in the field. In a few days, everyone’s crops were washed away due to sudden rain. But the farmer’s field has a lushing crop. He keeps only that much grain that he and his family require and distributes the rest among the village officials and the affected. Due to the grace of Shree Sadguru, he is blessed with eternal wealth and devotion of Shreeguru. This is the result of following Shreeguru’s advice. In summary, Shree Guru Charitra is an inspirational and experiential grantha.


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