Sagun Nirgun

47: 'krishnam vande jagadgurum'

Jagadguru Shankaracharya showed that Advaita Vedanta has the power to bring people of diverse faiths together under one roof. His Holiness was born in Kalti village on the banks of Purna river in Kerala. His father Shivaguru and mother Aryamba were Shree Krishna’s devotees. Sannyasins Mahatmas are world-renowned. They only salute their mother.

Shankaracharya loved his mother. He had high reverence for her. Once his mother was thinking of him. As soon as he understood this, Acharya came to her. Mother said, “You are world renowned now. The world respects you.” Acharya said, “Mother, this is only due to your blessings.” Mother said, “God speaks to you.” Acharya sensed his mom wanted to say something but was hesitant. So, he asked her, “Mother, what do you wish?” Mother said, “I would like to have Shree Krishna’s darshan.” Acharya composed the ‘Krishnashtakam’ a prayer to Lord Krishna. The hymn is lyrical and beautiful. In the hymn, Acharya says, “O Shree Krishna, who is the cause of the universe, please give me your darshan. I am desperate. May I see that Shree Krishna who is the soul of the world, pure, whose qualities are described by the Vedas, who is the lord of Gokula, Vrindavan. I long for your darshan.”

Pleased by this praise, Shree Krishna appeared before Acharya. Acharya helped his mother sit up and said, “Mother, look, Shree Krishna is standing in front of you.” With trembling hands, mother salutes the Lord. Teary eyed, she repeatedly chanted “Krishnan Vande Jagadgurum”. Then she turned to Acharya, “May you be victorious!” and became one with Shree Krishna. Let us salute our Jagadguru Shankaracharya!


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