Sagun Nirgun

30: Godliness In Man

‘True knowledge resides in the recognition of the Supreme in every Man’ quotes the Ishavasyopanishad. For example, gold ornaments appear different, but only the gold ore is true. Similarly, the wide array of words used as modes of communication arise from the same set of alphabets. The sweetness inherent in sugar stays the same in the various forms of sugar. All these examples point to the truth that ‘Man is Godly.’

Shree Eknath Maharaj says, “God resides in a true devotee.” Swami Vivekananda advised, “Service to mankind is service to God.” Swamiji spent his life helping those in need. He says, “When one offers services to those in need, it helps in elimination of our ego. As a result, every action turns into divine service rendered to God.” Such is the love between the Supreme and his ardent devotee.

On the way to work, a young man saw two hungry children on the streets. He was moved. Instead of offering them money he decided to give them food. Hence, he took them home and offered them delicacies. The children ate to their hearts’ content. Happily, the three went their own way. The youth visited a temple the same evening. Seeing a Sadhu, the youth prostrated before him and very humbly asked, “Please guide me on how I can enhance my devotion?” The Sadhu replied, “Dear child, good deeds is true devotion. Have you done a good deed today?” The youth said, “Well, I just fed two very hungry children today. When I did that, I felt like I had quenched my hunger.” The Sadhu replied, “You felt one with the two children. Although you weren’t aware, you recognized the God in them and what you did was purely out of the goodness of your heart. This is true devotion and true knowledge.” The youth felt grateful and left.

Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami puts forth-

‘nārāyaṇa ase viśvī |
tyāci pujā karita jāvī |
yākāraṇe tośavāvī |
koṇītarī kāyā ||’


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