Sagun Nirgun

31: Omnipresent Supreme

Sant Shree Dnyaneshwarmauli describes the Omnipresent Supreme as follows:

suvarṇāce maṇī kele| suvarṇāce suti ovile| taise myā jag dharile| sabāhyābhyaṃtarī||’

Although the omnipresent Supreme isn’t visible to the naked eye. If one is unable to experience the Omniscient Paramatman, it is only due to the defect in the eyes of the seer. Let us look at an example. We are unable to see the clock if it is located at some distance from us. However, it does not mean that the clock does not exist. We cannot see the eyeliner without the mirror, because it is very close to our eyes. That does not mean there is no eyeliner. A preoccupied mind will be unable to hear. That does not mean that no one spoke. Similarly, the ocean does not overflow, every time it rains. This does not mean that it did not rain.

‘If the supreme lord were invisible, no one would have seen it.’ However, all saints have stated that they have seen Him. Their biographies, quotes, experiences, devotional songs show us the way to seeing and experiencing the Omniscient Lord. A learned Guru gives us the vision and the knowledge to experience Him. Yogiraj Shree Gulawani Maharaj wanted to visit Shreekshetra Hawnur (Karnataka) to meet his Guru, P. P. Shree Vasudevananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj. This place was 1460 km away. He completed this treacherous journey in 59 days in the scorching summer months. Once there, all his tiredness and weariness were instantly alleviated when he saw his Guru. Shree Gulawani Maharaj spent some time in his Guru’s association. Then one day, Shreeswamimaharaj advised Shree Gulawani Maharaj to return home. With a heavy heart, Shree Gulawani Maharaj asked, “When can I have your darshan again?” Shreeswamimaharaj placed his hand on his chest and said softly, “Always remember this.” Instantly, Shree Gulawani Maharaj saw Shree Datta Maharaj clad in tiger skin residing in Shreeswamimaharaj’s heart. Shree Gulawani Maharaj was elated. A talented artist, Shree Gulawani Maharaj painted this scene. This portrait is worshipped daily at Shree Vasudev Niwas, Pune. The truth is that through Guru’s grace one can experience the Omnipresent Paramatman.

Sant Eknath Maharaj says-

‘brahmā mugī dharunī tuze svarūpa sāvae|
ekā janāradanī sabāhyāabhyatarī nāṃde||’


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