Sagun Nirgun

25: Namo ādirūpā

Sant Tukaram Maharaj received guidance from the Lord in a dream. “Compose beautiful abhangas. Goddess Saraswati’s blessings are with you. These compositions will guide humanity for eternity.” Sant Tukaram thought to himself, “I will follow my Lord’s orders. I have received His blessings. He is my savior.” He began his compositions but then hesitated. “The first abhanga should offer salutations to my Lord” and instantly the following words were composed, “namo ādirūpā omkārswarupā” that praises both Lord Ganesh and Lord Pandurang simultaneously. On rereading this composition, Tukaram Maharaj was elated. He thanked Lord Pandurang. Without Him, this would not have been possible.

This abhanga describes the entire philosophy of life. The meaning is as follows: – one Omkar from which Lord Brahma (the creator), Lord Vishnu (the sustainer) and Lord Shiva (the destructor) originated. The entire universe and the Vedas were created. The Lord of the Lords, the omniscient, omnipresent, the Universal form of Paramatman is Lord Pandurang. You are the beginning, the middle and the end. I believe that it is only with Your blessings that we can chant Your name and experience bliss. You are the narrator and the listener. Everything rests in Your hands. We experience Oneness with You. Please accept our prayers and bless us.”

In the Shrimad-Bhagwat purana, Pralhad’s teacher asks him, “We are surprised at your incessant chanting of the Lord’s name.” Pralhad, an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, explains, “This comes naturally to me. It is indeed my Lord that is doing the chanting, not me. He is the one who is controls my every action.”

In short, “Let us chant His name, Let us see His form. He is the Lord of the Lords.”


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