True Sweetness is in Associating with Saints

In an ashram, Gurudev was explaining the importance of associating with saints.

Gurudev says, “Associating with the saints and the noble makes us noble and saintly. Associating with the affluent is worthless. A Sanskrit subhashitam quotes, that ‘Even if a mountain is identified as ‘gold’ or ‘sandalwood’, the trees on them are merely trees, nothing more. Eventually, they become firewood. However, on the ‘Malaya’ mountain, by merely associating with the sandalwood trees, the Neem tree also begins to smell like sandalwood. It becomes valuable’.”

Gurudev further explains, “That is why, Dnyaneshwar mauli says, ‘God is joyfulness.’ The saints are the Divine in human form. They tolerate all dualities and spread only joy and happiness with those in their association. For example, a tree tolerates the scorching sun, the rains, and the cold weather, but those who seek their shelter are always offered relief.”

Gurudev further explains, “On the other hand, associating with the wrong people can make us miserable and get us in trouble. If one needs to give an example, then the fire is very bright. As soon as it associates with iron, it too must suffer the hammerings by the ironsmith.”

Gurudev says, “Samarth Ramadasswami says, ‘Once you acquire the human body, it should be used to realize the Ultimate. This is what it is for and in order to do this, we must associate with saints’.”

Disciple says, “Once we associate with saints when would we see the benefits?”

Gurudev says, “It really doesn’t take any time. Just as all things happen naturally and quickly, similarly, changes take place instantly by associating with saints.”

Disciple says, “What does it mean?”

Gurudev says, “For those who desperately seek liberation, saints open the doors for them instantly.”

Disciple says, “How?”

Gurudev says, “They ask the seekers to practice ‘Sahaj yoga.’ It means sit comfortably and close your eyes, relax the body and focus on your breath. Be a witness to whatever happens. The saint then gives the ardent, devotional seeker an experience of inner peace, joy, and happiness.”