Every Human Being is the Divine

Shrigurudev was explaining the importance of good samskaras (good impressions) to his disciples.

Gurudev says, “Samskara (impression) is nothing but the ability to drop all negativity and to enhance positivity.”

Disciple says, “What does it mean?”

Gurudev says, “Dear child, does anyone pay obeisance to dirt?”

Disciple says, “No.”

Gurudev says, “Does anyone feel bad because it gets trampled on?”

Disciple says, “No.”

Gurudev says, “If the same dirt is converted to mud and shaped like Lord Ganesh and coloured, then what happens?”

Disciple says, “It is now Lord Ganesh’s idol.”

Gurudev says, “So positive samskaras, impressions were made on dirt and a beautiful Lord Ganesh’s idol was created. Now, everyone will pay obeisance to this idol, isn’t it right?”

Disciple says, “Yes.”

Gurudev says, “Think about it. If something as primitive as dirt can be transformed to Divine by merely imposing samskaras on it, then can’t the most advanced creature on this planet, the human being, be moved so his Divinity gets full expression?”

Disciple says, “Definitely.”

Gurudev says, “But this will not happen overnight. Positive samskaras should be taught and they should also be implemented. Only with positive samskaras can man’s Divinity shine through. One who is humble, nice and eager to serve the elderly is blessed with four things in life – long life, knowledge, success, and strength!”

Disciple says, “Please explain this to us with an example.”

Gurudev says, “Sure. I will tell you a story. There was once a boy who was too pampered. One day, Guruji tells him, ‘Dear child, pay obeisance to your parents and God every day. See how just one namaskar brings about great miracles’.”

Disciple says, “Did the boy agree?”

Gurudev says, “The boy was very mischievous. He said, ‘I will not pay obeisance to my parents or to God. I would rather do namaskar to a donkey’.”

Disciple says, “This boy sure is rude.”

Gurudev says, “The boy’s parents were very angry. But Guruji was quite calm. He said, ‘No problem. Every morning take a shower and first go and pay your obeisance to the donkey. Do this without fail’.”

Disciple says, “Did the boy agree to this out-of-the-ordinary rule?”

Gurudev says, “Yes. The boy would get up very early in the morning, have a shower and go to the potter’s village and do namaskar to the donkey.”

Disciple says, “This is good.”

Gurudev says, “One day when the boy went to the village, as usual, the donkey wasn’t there. The potter and his donkey had gone to a forest. The boy went searching for them. He found the donkey in the forest along with his owner and shouted, ‘Please wait, I have come.’ But the potter took his donkey and ran away.”

Disciple says, “Why did he do that?”

Gurudev says, “When the boy bent down in front of the donkey to pay obeisance, he saw gold coins buried in the ground.”

Disciple says, “Wonderful!”

Gurudev says, “The previous day when the potter visited the forest to get some mud, he saw some thieves digging a hole and burying the gold coins. The next day, the potter brought his donkey along so he could dig up the coins and take them. But, when the boy called out, he thought that one of the thieves has returned. Thinking that he might get caught, the potter ran away leaving the gold coins behind.”

Disciple says, “What happened next?”

Gurudev says, “The boy received all that wealth without any effort. He came to his Guruji and narrated the entire incident.”

Disciple says, “Looks like the boy was honest indeed.”

Gurudev says, “Guruji told the boy, ‘By merely following the daily routine of doing namaskar to the donkey, this is the fruit you received. Now think, if you were to pay obeisance to your parents and God, what fruit will you receive.’ In short, the boy understood his mistake. For Divinity to shine through, good habits, positive samskaras must be instilled in us.”

Disciple says, “What is that good habit?”

Gurudev says, “To make positive impressions on our mind, body, and intellect, sit comfortably, close your eyes and be a witness. Will you practice this?”

Disciple says, “Yes.”

Gurudev says, “Practice this daily. You will then begin to experience the change from within. Another important thing – This country, India, is the only place man can become God. In other countries, a man stays a man. Always remember this. Treasure what you have received and continue your sincere efforts.”