Successful Life

In an ashram once, everyone was busy preparing to celebrate sadguru’s birthday. All preparations were done. Each one was offering sadguru gifts, clothing, dakshina. Everyone had their prasad. Then there were thanksgiving speeches. Everyone was now eagerly waiting for their sadguru to say something. They thought that sadguru must be very pleased with how well everything went.

Sadguru appreciated all the hard work and congratulated all. Then, he turned to explain the true meaning of a birthday.

He said, “A birthday reminds you of how many years have flown by. It reminds us that getting a human form is rare and that we need to make the best use of it.”

Sadguru continued further, “In the Shrimad Bhagwatam, Pralhad tells his classmates, ‘every person has 100 years of life. Out of these, half is wasted in sleeping. The remaining are distributed among the three stages of life – childhood, adulthood, and elderhood. We need to really think what a good time is to begin chanting God’s name.’ Similarly, in his ‘Manobodha’, Samarth Ramadas Swami advises the mind.”

All the disciples turned their mind inwards and began contemplating.
Sadguru continued, “Know very well that God alone can grant us liberation.”

Everyone began agreeing to what they were hearing.

Further, Sadguru said, “Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj says, ‘merely associating with saints and being in their presence isn’t enough. We must take their advice and practice their teachings’.”

Disciples said, “What exactly are we supposed to do?”

Sadguru said, “Continue your spiritual practices daily.”

Disciples said, “Please explain this to us.”

Sadguru said, “Oh, simply sit calmly. Close your eyes. Observe your breath. You will begin to experience happiness, joy. That is God. You will forget that you are the body, but your inner joyful state will be stable. Has this convinced you? Then let’s begin.”