Everyone is Equal in the eyes of the Noble

One day, Guru Maharaj was giving a talk about associating with the saints.

Guru says, “Rishis, saints and our forefathers have sung the glories of associating with saints. The human body is given to us for a reason, and that is to achieve the goal, liberation. However, this cannot be achieved without associating with the saints.”

Disciple says, “But Gurudev, how can you attain liberation merely by associating with saints? One may have to wait several lifetimes.”

Guru says, “The effects of associating with saints is instantaneous. It does not take long.”

Disciple says, “Gurudev, is this achievable for everyone? I feel that some disciples who are very close to their Guru, reap the benefits, not others.”

Guru says, “Dear child, saints bless everyone equally. For them no one is big or small, more favorite and less favorite. An ardent devotee named Namadharaka asked the same question to a saint. The saint answered, ‘If you look closely, it rains everywhere in the same manner. Where the land is deep, the water gets quickly absorbed into the ground. If the rains fall on rocky or hilly areas, the water flows away’.”

Disciple says, “How do we come out of this?”

Guru says, “It is very simple. Have deep faith in your Guru. Whatever sadhana he has given you, do it regularly.”

Disciple says, “What sadhana is that Gurudev?”

Guru says, “Sit calmly. Close your eyes. Relax your body. Focus your attention on the breath and then be a witness to what happens next.”