Mind to No-mind

Disciple asks, “Gurudev, I have a few doubts. May I ask them?”

Gurudev answers, “Yes, please do.”

Disciple asks, “Gurudev, why is the mind always restless and fickle? Why does it always wander? Because of the fickle mind, there is constant doubt, instability, and sorrow. Could you please give me a solution?”

Gurudev says, “Wonderful! You have asked a very relevant question. I will answer it. A Sanskrit maxim quotes that, one who earnestly seeks freedom from all the misery and worldly desires will have to practice coming to a state of no-mind. Only this no-mind state will take one to the Absolute. This is a state of bliss and joy.”

Gurudev explains further, “Arjuna also had this doubt. In chapter six of the Bhagwad-Gita, Arjuna asked Lord Shri Krishna, ‘Dear Lord, this mind is very restless. It is extremely difficult to suppress it or to stabilize it.’ Lord Shri Krishna’s response to this question is very concise and pertinent. He said, ‘No doubt, the mind is unstable. It is difficult to suppress it. But, with constant and persistent study, it can surely be controlled’.”

Disciple asks, “Gurudev, what is this study?”

Gurudev answers, “This study is to achieve the no-mind state.”

Disciple again questions, “What does this mean?”

Gurudev says, “It means to move beyond the mind. In a way, it is the study to dissolve the mind, to dissolve its tendencies. Once the mind dissolves, its tendencies also dissipate and then one experiences true knowledge.

The holy scriptures like the Shrimad-Bhagwatam and Shri Dnyaneshwari have stressed the importance of this form of yogic study. This practice is very simple and easy but at the same time highly effective.”

Gurudev further explains, “In the sixth chapter of the Shri Dnyaneshwari, Sant Dnyaneshwar says, “Whatever is beneficial for us, is good for us, the mind finds all this miserable and painful. But I am telling you that there is nothing as simple and easy as this yoga. Would you like to know more about the science of this yoga?”

Disciple says, “Yes, Gurudev!”

Gurudev says, “Then listen carefully. This easily attainable path has been referred to as the ‘Panthraj’. On this path, great saints use their powers to activate and mobilize the energies in their disciples. The mind acquires the no-mind state and once this state is reached, the disciple realizes the Absolute, the Divine. In Mauli’s own words, ‘This Divinity is literally the beauty of the no-mind state. It is the cause of all causes, the fruit of the tree of yoga and is eternal bliss’.”

Gurudev continues, “Now, do as I say.
Sit comfortably
Calmly close your eyes
Relax your entire body
If any thoughts come to your mind, let them come. Just as they come, they will leave. Don’t follow them
Now observe your inhalation and exhalation like a witness
I am not the ‘body’, I am not the ‘mind’, I am not the ‘intellect’. Experience the Divine, the Chaitanya
Continue walking on this Divine path.”

Gurudev asks, “How did you feel?”

Disciple says, “Gurudev! It is indescribable. I felt good. I am peaceful and calm.”

Gurudev says, “It is a unique feature of this yoga. It is rich but very difficult to put into words. One must believe in it, try it and experience absolute peace and happiness.”

Disciple says, “I will pursue this path of yoga, Gurudev!”

Gurudev says, “You have blessings from the Guru lineage, ‘May your spiritual practice blossom! ‘साधनसमृध्दि: अस्तु ||’.”