Equality Is Brahma

Disciple says, “Gurudev, knowledge is very vast. What is it that we study as a result of which everything becomes known? The Vedas, Shastras, Puranas, mantra, yantra, tantra and so on are all the different forms of experiencing Brahma. I want to know the underlying basis of all knowledge. How do I experience Brahma?”

Gurudev says, “Alright, let me ask you a question. We have five sense organs and five organs of action, right? Then tell me, who rules over them?”

Disciple says, “Obviously the mind, Gurudev.”

Gurudev says, “You are right. When the supporting pillar is strong, it will hold up everything efficiently. Similarly, if the mind is strong and under control, all ten organs will be obedient.”

Gurudev explains further, “The mind, the sense organs and the organs of action are important sources of gratification for man. We need to use our intellect to find out why this has become so. Once we find the main cause, we can use the very same intellect to seek our own welfare. In one of her abhanga’s Sant Bahinabai says, ‘Divine energy is Brahma, complete. Everyone is Brahma, complete, the Self. The Self is bliss, knowledge, limitless, formless, eternal and omnipresent. Once this is known, the mind stabilizes and calms down. It becomes content. This is what everyone must know. One who knows the Self knows all’.”

Gurudev further explains, “Each one of us is Brahma. It resides in each one’s heart, but one tries to unfold it with logic, it will remain elusive.”

Gurudev says, “I will tell you a story, so you have a better understanding of what I am saying.

There was a king. One day he decided to hold a yard sale in the garden around his palace. He made an announcement in his kingdom, ‘that whoever visits the place and touches anything, it will be his.’ People rushed to the palace.

The king sat there to watch all the fun. Everyone was eager. They rushed to claim as many things as they could lay their hands on. Despite this, no one seemed satisfied. Each wanted something more. Now, in this crowd was an old lady, who also wanted to claim something. She walked slowly with the aid of her walking stick and went directly to the king and touched him. The king had no choice but to go with her.

She thought, ‘The king is mine so whatever belongs to the king is also mine’.

Think about it, there are temptations all around us. We always want something. If we teach our mind to choose exactly that which is truly beneficial for us, it will make the right choices, just like the old lady in the story…Did you understand?”

Disciple says, “Yes, but exactly what should I do?”

Gurudev says, “Visit your Guru’s ashram! Receiving Guru’s grace is the biggest boon. Once Guru accepts you, where is there any misery, misfortune or ill-fate? Guru has a tremendous capability to light the lamp of knowledge and eradicate the darkness of ignorance that covers your mind. When this happens, the Self, the Divine, supreme Knowledge manifests itself.

In the ‘Gurugita’ Adiguru Bhagawan Shankara says, ‘The supreme pure, mysterious Divinity manifests in this world as Maya and in the body as ignorance. Divinity exists in the dormant state but once awakened, Knowledge dawns. You can refer to this Divinity as ‘Guru’, ‘Brahma’, ‘God’, Divine energy, anything’.”

Gurudev continues, “Won’t you take efforts to realize this bliss? This path is supreme yet, at the same time very easily attainable. All you need to do is have the will to begin this journey with strong faith. Supreme knowledge will reveal itself!”

Disciple says, “Sure, Gurudev!”

Gurudev says, “Alright then, sit calmly…
Close your eyes…
Relax your body…
Focus your attention on your breath
‘May your spiritual practice blossom’ is the blessing you receive from the Guru lineage (साधना समृद्धिरस्तु).”