Hard Work Brings Prosperity

Gurudev was explaining the significance of hard work, steadfastness, self-reliance, and independence to his disciples.

Gurudev says, “Dear all, we have the ability to build our own destiny. The only thing we need is an impeccable desire to do so. The Rigveda quotes, ‘My hand is lucky because it can bring fortune to me. My other hand is luckier because it serves as a medicine to alleviate pain and misery and brings peace and joyfulness’.”

Disciple says, “How does this happen?”

Gurudev says, “To achieve this, our hands must take efforts, venture and get involved in hard work. Lakshmi – Kamala – will shower her blessings on those who are hard workers and Lakshmi’s older sister, Agraja, will bless those who are lazy. Samarth Ramdas Swami also says the same thing in the Dasbodha.”

Disciple says, “Please tell us a story.’

Gurudev says, “Here goes. Once, a king decides to alleviate the poverty and misery of all the people in his kingdom by opening up his treasury for them. He asks his assistants to go all around his kingdom and make an announcement, ‘Today, the king has decided to open up his treasury for all. Everyone can come and take whatever and how much every they wish’.”

Disciple says, “This must be a celebration for all.”

Gurudev says, “Yes. There was a large crowd at the palace. Everyone was taking whatever they wanted such as clothes, wealth, jewellery, food, etc.”

Disciple says, “Everyone must be feeling really blessed.”

Gurudev says, “However, the king’s assistants noticed a woodcutter in the distance. He was completely engrossed in his own work. The assistants went up to him and asked, ‘Why aren’t you going to the palace?’ The woodcutter replied, ‘The king opened up his treasury for one day. But now, since people are getting what they want without any hard work or pain, they have become lazy’.”

Disciple says, “This is true.”

Gurudev says, “The assistants narrated the whole incident to their king.”

Disciple says, “The king must have become upset.”

Gurudev says, “No. Instead, he realized his mistake. The poet, Anant Fandi, quotes that, ‘It is better to eat bread earned through hard work rather than steal sweets and desserts.’ The moral of the story is that without hard work nothing can be achieved in this material world. This also holds true with spiritual practices. If we want to make progress, achieve eternal happiness and peace, hard work, steadfastness and perseverance are very essential.”
Disciple says, “What is that hard work?”

Gurudev says, “Every day, pick a time and sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax your body and focus your attention on your breath. Slowly begin to experience the eternal peace that is within you.”