Sagun Nirgun

43: Love between the Lord and His Devotee

Maharishi Vyasa composed 18 Puranas. Shree Vasudevananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj composed the 19th Purana ‘Shree Datta Purana’.

Through the composition of voluminous literary works in both Sanskrit and Marathi, Shree Swami Maharaj made an invaluable contribution to Indian philosophy and literature. According to the Yoga Sutra “ṛtambharā tatra prajnyā” such scriptural compositions are automatically revealed from the intellect that is turned inwards and established in the Supreme. Many students from universities all over India have obtained the degree of ‘Vidyavachaspati (Ph.D)’ on the literature of Shree Swami Maharaj. Such is the value of Shree Swami Maharaj’s literature.

It is true that God incarnates in the form of saints to guide the society. The Lord put forth the importance of right conduct for the youth of today by incarnating as Shree Swami Maharaj. Shree Swami Maharaj’s entire life journey from ‘Shree Kshetra Mangaon Nirmala River’ to ‘Shree Kshetra Garudeshwar Narmada River’ spiritually inspired, revolutionized, and directed the thoughts, behaviour, and work of the people throughout India. We can experience Him and His power in the ‘Shree Gurudev Charitra’.

Shree Datta Prabhu would talk to and guide Shree Swami Maharaj. Shree Swami Maharaj never did anything without the Lord’s consent. On one occasion, one day before Naraka Chaturdashi in Chikhalda (Gujarat) Shree Swami Maharaj had a vision of Shree Datta Prabhu. The Lord said, “Tomorrow is Diwali. I would like to have an Abhyangasnana.” In a restless voice, Shree Swami Maharaj said, “I am a sannyasin, we are not allowed to touch fire. Where can I bring you warm water? I have no possessions, then where can I get the scented oil? O Lord, this is not possible.” The next day, on Naraka Chaturdashi, Shree Swami Maharaj bathed the idol of Shree Datta Prabhu in the usual manner and placed it in its place as usual. Because the Lord did not receive the ‘Mangalsana’, Shree Datta Prabhu was upset and it went and hid at the bottom of the of Narmada river. Shree Swami Maharaj was unaware of it. When he brought prasad, he couldn’t find the idol there. All of a sudden, he heard a loud voice coming from the direction of the river. It was the Lord’s voice saying, “You did not give me what I asked. I am sitting here in the Narmada. I don’t want offerings, I don’t want anything.” As soon as he heard Shree Datta Prabhu’s voice, Shree Swami Maharaj came running to the Narmada. He saw a bright light in the water. He dived in and picked up the idol, lovingly embraced it and carrying it came out of the water. Seeing Shree Swami Maharaj on the bank of the river all the villagers gathered around. Shree Swami Maharaj told everyone about Shree Datta Prabhu’s wish. The villagers brought hot water, fragrant oil, flowers and with love and humbleness Shree Swami Maharaj was able to bathe the Lord just as the Lord had desired. This is an inspiring incident depicting the loving relationship between the Lord and His devotee.


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