Sagun Nirgun

42: We Serve the Lord

In the Indian culture, a joint family system bears a lot of significance. Hence P. P. Shree Vasudevananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj prays to Lord Dattatreya, “O Lord, my entire family and I, ever your servants look forward to eagerly serving your Lotus feet.” Love and compassion among all members of a family is a result of God’s grace!

Today we see a lot of disagreement amongst people. Every person appears to be concerned only about himself. Not only in a family but even in the work culture, there is no harmony. If our community, and our nation is to truly progress, mutual harmony, love is mandatory. Hence our scriptures have given us a mantra that roughly translates as follows:  “I salute King Nala and Damayanti who loved each other very much. May the fire deity that presents itself as speech, be pleased and help to resolve disputes and have pleasant conversations.”

‘damayantīnalābhyāṃ ca namaskāram karomyaham|
avivādo bhavet atra kalidoṣapraśāntidah||
aikmatyaṃ bhavet eṣāṃ manuṣyāṇāṃ prithagdhiyām|
nirvairatā ca jāyeta saṃvādāgne prasīda me||’

Everyone in the family should recite this mantra once a day along with it’s meaning and attain peace.

In the Shrimad Bhagawatgita, Lord Krishna explains the importance of harmony. The Kauravas used every possible means to torment and insult the Pandavas. This was unbearable to Shree Krishna. Hence He told Akrura, “I tried my best to establish reconciliation between the Kauravas and Pandavas. However, Kauravas’ enmity continues. As a final resort, please give Dhritarashtra my message, “The world is like a dream, like magic. Human body, house, all material possessions are not permanent. Man is born alone, leaves the world alone, enjoys the fruits of sin and virtue all by himself. Your love for your son has blinded your intellect. There is still time. Be calm from the inside, think carefully and take the right decision. Pandavas are also your sons. As the head of the family, give justice to the Pandavas. What is due must be given. If you continue to fall prey to your temptations, you and the Kauravas will be destined to remain infamous for eternity. I am concerned for you. I don’t want this to happen to you. Hence, this is my last attempt to make you understand.” Dhritarashtra was stunned upon hearing Shree Krishna’s message. Akrurji returned and narrated Dhritarashtra’s response to Shree Krishna. Finally, Shree Krishna said, “It will be as destiny decides”. It is important that everyone remember and follow God’s advice.

God’s message is eternal. It is the need of the hour for everyone in the individual, family, society, state, nation to be harmonious, compassionate, and peaceful.


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