Sagun Nirgun

24: Saints as God-incarnate

Sant Tukaram says, “God’s devotees are His incarnates.” All devotees and idols of God represent the omnipresent, omniscient Brahman, ‘One without a second.’ Just as the sun’s heat is present in the fire, before returning to His abode, Lord Shree Krishna instilled His power in His devotees.

Saints are ardent devotees of the Paramatman and through their actions give guidance and set examples. Their presence alleviates us of our pains. In fact, the Lord loves to serve His devotees. In a conversation between Mother Rukmini and Devi Satyabhama, Mother Rukmini says, “the Lord loves His devotees more than anything or anyone else. This is the reason He is always found in His’ devotees’ homes.”

One can experience the Lord in P. P. Shree Vasudevananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj. His Holiness’s life is a “story of humanity”. He gave us the mantra ‘Digambara Digambara Shripadvallabh Digambara|’ which is the mantra of world peace. Shree Swami Maharaj’s life history reveals that Lord Dattatreya spoke with him and guided him. Shree Swami Maharaj spread his message across the country. Wherever he visited, the local deities would come to meet him. Therefore, Shree Swami Maharaj’s life is truly a revelation and depiction that “Saints are indeed God-incarnate.”


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