Yogiraj Shree Gulawani Maharaj


In the year 1907, when Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya Shriee Vasudevanandsaraswati Swami Maharaj was at Narsobachi wadi, Maharaj presented one, self drawn painting of Shree Dattatreya with the sort of garland made of the verses. Swami was very much pleased. He blessed him by tying one small casket on his hand, infatuated by sorcery. Shri Vamanrao Gulavani Maharaj visited Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj in his stay at Pawani for observing Chaturmas. All three of them were blessed by Swamiji with Anugraha. It was a day of Anant Chaturdashee – a day observed for the immersion of Shri Ganesha.

On knowing that, stay of Swami Maharaj for observing Chaturmas, is at the place called Pawani, he started by walk due to shortage of sufficient funds for the travel. After a painful journey, forgetting the hunger, not caring the scorching heat of the Sun, selling off quill, he reached the place where Swamiji made a stay. Just by the glimpse of the Sadguru, he forgot all the miseries of the journey. Here in this stay, Maharaj availed the great opportunity to be at the service of Swamiji. Swamiji imparted him the great knowledge of Asana, Pranayama (Postures, Breathing practices) etc, and guided him about Ajapajapa. Later moving over to a place called Audumbar, Shree Maharaj did a Purascharan (specific chanting) of Shree Dattamalamantra. At the holy place Garudeshwar, Swamiji offered teachings in performing Dhauti Yoga to Maharaj. Later, at this very wishful place, Swami Shree Vasudevanand Saraswati Maharaj rested finally in deep meditation (Samadhi).

No one, in reality, knew him with his true potentials when Shree Vamanrao Gulavani Maharaj was working as a drawing teacher at Barshi and Pune. In his free time, he was to utilize the time by reading religious volumes, perform Parayan (suggested period of seven days to complete the reading) of Shri Gurucharitra, worshiping and mastering in the studies of Yoga. All his companions and neighbors thought of him as a common drawing teacher. His life was enriched by seclusion, taciturnity, religious observation and ultimate faith in Deities and Guru. He was a very simple-living person. For further studies in Yoga, he reached with his mother, to Hoshangabad, at the place of Gurubandhu (another disciple of his Guru). Just by coincidence, he met ascetic teenager Parmhansa Parivrajakacharya Shree Loknathtirth Swami Maharaj. Acknowledging his ability, studious nature and authority, Shree Loknathtirth Swami Maharaj bestowed him initiation in Shaktipat. Not only the
initiation he received, but he was authorized to initiate the other seekers as well.

Isn’t it amazing, that nobody from his neighbors of twin rooms in Gowaikar Wada, at 20 Narayan Peth at Pune or other acquaintances, came to know about this sage, about his powers and the blessings of Guru which he had received. The only reason seems to be his reluctance for fame. He had taken extreme precautions to avoid extravagant publicity even in the field of drawing. But, let the musk deer try to refrain, how can the divine scent of the musk in its naval restrict pervading scent? It gets the
fame due to its God-given gift, from its pervading scent. Pandit Trimbakshastri Khare of Nagpur publicized through a magazine “Yoganka”, a Kalyan publication of Gorakhpur press, clearly mentioning, Maharaj as a pioneer of Vedh Diksha – Target Initiation – in Maharashtra. On knowing this, not only from all over Maharashtra but from all the parts of India, a flood of devotees and seekers started flowing towards Pune.

The meeting of Shree Loknathtirth Swami Maharaj and Shree Gulavani Maharaj and their relation was God willing. They both had a respectful affection towards each other and it promoted the luck of many seekers and today we are witnessing the elevated stage of the Gurumarg – a path that leads to knowledge through the blessings of Master. Shree Maharaj accompanied Shree Swami Maharaj on many pilgrimages. He published twelve volumes of the writings by Swami Vasudevanand Saraswati Maharaj. In the memory of his Guru-duet – a spiritual teachers -, he established the hermitage in their tribute, namely “Shri Vasudeva Niwas”. He donated enormously for various temples, places of pilgrimage and charitable rest houses for travelers etc. He strengthened the faith of the devotees through the occasions like “Bhaimarathi Shanti”, “Sahastra Chandra Darshan shanty”, “Raudri Shanti”, Vaidik Religeous ceremonies, Yadnya, Swahakar etc. actually he was not keeping well and was troubled by tedious illnesses. But he lived with it without complaining, enduring it as a witness. On the 15th January 1974, departing from his physical existence of body, he merged into unknown omnipresence.

Extremely rare documentary on Sadguru Yogiraj Srigulvani Maharaj