P. P. Yogashree Sharadbhau Joshi Maharaj


P.P. Shri Sharad Shastri Joshi Maharaj comes from a renowned spiritual family from Barshi, a small town in Solapur district of Maharashtra. He is blessed by all the three spiritual personalities namely P.P. Shri Gulawani Maharaj, P.P. Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar and P.P. Shri Narayan Kaka Dhekane Maharaj. His grandfather and father both were renowned Sanskrit scholar and had conducted many discourses on Shreemad Bhagwat.

His grandfather received his Shaktipat Deeksha from P.P.Shri Lokanath Tirth Swami Maharaj at Hoshangabad. His grandmother Smt.Gopikabai Pralhad Shastri Joshi was the first disciple of P.P.Shri Gulawani Maharaj, when P.P.Shri Lokanath Tirth Swami Maharaj authorized him to initiate others.
Today Shri Vasudev Niwas Ashram has grown to be the hub of all the Mahayoga Activities under the able and blissful guidance and blessings of P.P.Shri Sharad Shastri Joshi Maharaj.

A powerful orator, P.P. Shri Sharad Shastri Joshi Maharaj, himself is highly instrumental in spreading the divine spark of Mahayoga among the masses.

May the Divine Blessings passed down through his medium, of this Mahayoga tradition induce everyone to follow this blissful path, leading to Supreme Universal truth of ‘Chaitanya’