P. P. Shree Shankar Purushottam Teerth Swami Maharaj


A couple named Prasannakumar Chattopadhyay and Mataji Durgasundari was the residents of Chitalkot of the Vikrampur borough, District Dhaka, East Bengal at the end of 19th century. Out of their five children, the son Rohinikumar was born in 1890 at Laxmipur, District Tripura. We know him as Atmanandprakash brahmachari alias Swami Shankarpurushottamtirth Maharaj. His parents were the devotees of Bhagawati Kalimata. Rohinikumar was influenced by religious conduct of his parents since early years of childhood. Pious deeds of past life and seeds of religious as well as spiritual influence were carried along in this life by birth. He had natural inclination towards the company of the saints, ascetics and loved to get engrossed in meditation, worshiping most of the time. When he lost his mother at the age of five, in his consolatory words to his brothers and sisters he had said – “It is true that we humans have our own personal mother, but there is one divine mother of all the
livings and she is the supreme authority of this whole world. In fact, she is omnipresent. Our mother had now merged in Her existence. I am sure; she will look after us all to the best and will help us in dispelling our sorrows.” As a fact, Rohinikumar had already removed all the memories of his mother and he devoted throughout
all his remaining life in the worshipping of Bhagawati Kalimata. He was all the time engaged in attaining the blessings of Kalimata. Dedicating himself completely for Kalimata, he did many pilgrimages, stayed in various hermitages, but remained devoid of his wish for actual experience of divine mother. Ultimately, at Madaripur, he received the blessings of Parampoojya Shree Narayandevtirth but thereafter in his remaining life he got more and more attracted and attached to Swami Maharaj.

He received an initiation of Shaktipat from Parampoojya Swami Narayandevtirth Maharaj and was entered among his disciples as a celibate. He offered his devoted services during the following eight years to his Sadguru. It is an exceptional that the land in East Bengal is under water for almost eight months of the year. It was a tough task to collect the dry wood for fuel, to go for the alms in the nearby villages and to take care of food of all the visiting devotees of the hermitage!
Disciples were to get punishment even for their trifle mistakes as their Gurudev was most disciplined himself. Shree Rohinikumar was very very calm and forbearing by nature. At last Gurudev declared that Rohinikumar has successfully proved himself on all grounds. Then he was blessed and was permitted to greater task of propagation of Shaktipat in the outer world.

Shree Rohinikumar, later known as “Brahmachari Shree Atmanandprakash, travelled extensively and availed the virtuous company of many ascetics, in his travel. He continued his penance with utmost dedication and then requested Swami Shree Narayandevtirth Swami Maharaj for the initiation in renouncing the world. He was sent to Gowardhan Peeth of Jagannathpuri to receive the initiation from Shankaracharya Swami Shree Bharatikrushnatirth. He gladly consented for sparing it and after the
ceremony of asceticism he was named as “Swami Shree Shankarpurushottamtirth”