Selfless Love Is the True Dharma

Gurudev was explaining the importance of good-will and was stressing on loving without expectations.

Gurudev says, “In one of his abhangas, Sant Tukaram Maharaj says, ‘If one were to give an example of selfless love, it would that of a mother’s love for her child.’ In one of his poems, Sane Guruji says, ‘Selfless love is the true dharma’.”

Gurudev further says, “However, here dharma means actual action, not a mere verbal comment. From the moment we are born, each one of us has a swadharma, our personal duty towards our parents, neighbors, society, country, etc. We have many roles and, in each role, we ought to carry out our duties sincerely. There is no escape. If everyone fails to follow their duties, society will become chaotic. Hence dharma means a system that maintains proper law and order in a society.

Gurudev continues further, “In reference to this, there is a Sanskrit quote that says that ‘Inferences can vary, there may be variations in what the Shrutis say, various rishis’ quotes may also vary and to top this all, knowledge of dharma is also mysterious. Only saints and nobles teach us true dharma through their actions and their deeds.’ However, when people develop total disregard for dharma and personal duties, they become disrespectful. In such circumstances, God has to reincarnate to re-instil the laws in society.”

Disciple says, “Please tell us a story.”

Gurudev says, “Yes, definitely. While walking on the road, a blind man suddenly falls into a ditch. He begins to tell the people who have gathered around to bring him a lamp.”

Disciple says, “Light or dark is the same for a blind man.”

Gurudev says, “You are right. All the people laughed at him and said, ‘Why do you need a lamp?’ But the blind man was fully aware of his responsibilities. He said, ‘I don’t need a lamp for myself. It is for all the sighted people like you, so you don’t fall in’.”

Disciple says, “This is true.”

Gurudev says, “That blind man knew exactly what his dharma was, what his duty was. He cared for others. His broad-mindedness is evident from the fact that he did not want anyone else to face the problem he did. By placing a lamp next to the ditch, he wanted to warn others of the danger. Was there any other selfish motive behind this?”

Disciple says, “Absolutely not.”

Gurudev says, “In order to develop selfless love, spiritual practices must be done regularly. Are you all willing to do so?”

Disciple says, “Yes, Gurudev.”

Gurudev says, “Alright then, sit comfortably, close your eyes and observe your breath. Experience that selfless love within you.”