Sagun Nirgun

52: Panthraj For Unity

The young generation today has been thinking, “When will we see our country united in strength and goals?” Division, lack of empathy, jealousy is rampant today. A self-centred attitude has resulted in depression, discouragement, and a general indecisiveness among the population. There is a lack of patriotism at all levels. If our nation is to truly progress mutual love must arise in the heart of every citizen. For this, the path glorified by all the Indian sages, and saints is the ‘Path of Consciousness’. This path also called ‘Pantharaj’, ‘Mahayoga’. In the Shree Bhagavadgita, the Lord describes this path as ‘supreme.’ Sant Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj had personally experienced it and described it beautifully. This path of union is easy, experienced instantly, and increases compassion and humanity and will enable us to build a strong and united nation.

Living in true awareness of ‘I am Consciousness’ every human being begins to experience positivity, peace, and strength. When sandalwood is rubbed, it’s fragrance spreads in all directions. Similarly, every person who follows this path consistently, regularly, enthusiastically becomes prosperous. His heart is filled with compassion. He then experiences that he is connected to everyone because every individual is the same Consciousness. This union at a personal level, spreads to the societal and national level. In this union lies the true glory of the country. Each one of us should strive to spread this message across because in this message lies the wealth of our Indian culture.


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