Sagun Nirgun

35: Gunas-Qualities

Mahakavi Kalidasa quotes that “Good qualities are always recognized irrespective of gender, age, etc.”

Every tree leaf, fruit, flower on the planet has medicinal qualities. Every human being is virtuous. These virtues are automatically enhanced when associating with the virtuous. Just as no one needs to be told where the fragrance of musk is coming from, similarly, good qualities do not require publicizing.

Saints are naturally compassionate and loving. Associating with them transforms us and we learn to see the good and positive in others. In the rays of the moon, the dark spot on the moon cannot be seen. Good qualities hide our flaws. As our positive qualities are re-enforced, we become increasingly happy and peaceful. Saints are full of praise and encourage others to be happy too. Shree Changdeva, adept in yoga, wanted to receive guidance from the great saint Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. He decided to write Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj a letter but got confused. How does he address Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj? Should he write Namaskar or blessings? Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj was too young to say Namaskar. He was extremely wise so how can he give blessings? So, Shree Changdeva sent a blank letter. A disciple brought that letter to Shree Nivrttinath. Sant Muktabai, who was nearby, saw the letter and said, “Even after living for hundreds of years, Changdeva is still blank!” Mauli decided to send a reply. Respecting and supporting Shree Changdeva’s gesture, Mauli began the letter with the following words, “Wishing your welfare”. Mauli lovingly advised, “It is good for the youngers to wish well of the elders and for the elders to wish well of the youngers”. When Shree Changdeva read this letter, was overwhelmed, and tears welled up in his eyes.

In summary, ‘Sattva Guna’ is God’s quality. Rather than living simply because we are born, we should spread joy until our last breath. This is the best charity one can give the society. Santshreshtha Dnyaneshwarmauli showed us the way through his actions. That’s why even today, after hundreds of years, ‘Mauli Mauli’ still echoes around us. The society never forgets such saints.


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