Sagun Nirgun

33: Siddhis – An Obstruction in the Spiritual Journey

‘Siddhi’ means ‘Divine power’. The scriptures say that “These powers manifest when the mind becomes increasingly subtle and strong.” There are eight types of ‘siddhis’. The devatas, sages, rishis, saints have ‘siddhis’. However, they only use them when absolutely required, for the welfare of the people.

Saints consider ‘siddhis’ a hindrance. Siddhis can make someone famous, but they only lead to ones downfall because they make the acquirer proud and egoistic. They are obstacles in the spiritual path. Therefore, the saints advise us to not pursue them. Shree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was ready to confer the power to use siddhis to Swami Vivekananda. Vivekananda asked, “Will the Lord be attained?” When Shree Ramakrishna said “No,” Vivekananda rejected all the ‘siddhis’.  Similarly, Shree Vasudevananda Saraswati Swami Maharaj had control over the five great elements. He knew that Pandit Vinayakshastri of Indore performed divine miracles using siddhis. Once when Shreeswamimaharaj visited Indore, Vinayakshastri and other devotees visited him. Shreeswamimaharaj, holding a box of sacred ashes (bhasma) in his hand, said to Vinayakshastri, “Let me see you move this box.” Vinayakshastri started to do so and asked Shreeswamimaharaj to loosen his grip on the box else he might feel a strong blow. However, even after numerous attempts, Vinayakshastri could not move the tiny box even a little bit. Realizing his mistake, he surrendered completely to Shreeswamimaharaj and vowed “never use siddhis.” He dedicated his life to yoga and meditation.

Once a man came to meet P. Pu. Yogiraj Shree Gulawani Maharaj. P. Pu. Yogiraj Shree Gulawani Maharaj is the founder of Shree Vasudev Niwas, Pune, prime and pious seat of Mahayoga. The man said, “I will bring you a sweet.” He waved his hand in the air, opened his fist in front of P. Pu. Shree Gulawani Maharaj and said, “Please accept this sweet.” Shree Gulawani Maharaj asked, “Are these sweets stolen?” The man, realizing his mistake, bowed down and left without saying anything. Through this incidence, P. Pu. Shree Gulawani Maharaj puts forth the message to the world that ‘Displaying Siddhis can attract a lot of audience and publicity but they are the cause of one’s downfall in the path of spirituality.” Similarly, P. P. Shree Loknathtirtha Swami Maharaj, the ‘Chaitanya Chakravarty’ of Shaktipata Yoga, asked P. Pu. Yogatapasvi Shree Kakamaharaj, “Do you want siddhi?” Shree Kakamaharaj said, “I only want your blessings.” As a result of this Divine blessing, P. Pu. Shree Kakamaharaj globalized ‘Mahayoga’ through the concept of ‘Mahayoga for all’.

True happiness and godliness reside only in chanting the Lord’s name and practicing Yoga sadhana. Santshrestha Shree Tukaram Maharaj says –

“jagaruḍhīsathī ghātale dukāna |
jāto nārāyaṇa aṁtaronī ||
tukā mhaṇe hā ho prapaṁca gāḍhā |
thoralī te pīḍā riddhīsiddhī ||”


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