Sagun Nirgun

22: Only One God

Poet Bhartruhari says that Paramatman has countless names and forms in this world, but He is One without a second.

Saints have been singing His praises for eons. Their compositions express their love, devotion for the Lord. On one occasion, when Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj visited Pandharpur with his siblings he was mesmerized by Lord Pandurang’s beauty. Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’s eyes filled with tears. Sant Muktabai, who was standing next to him asked him gently, “Dnyanoba, why the tears?” Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj answered, “It is the grace of Guru Sant Nivrittinath, that I could experience the omniscient, omnipresent Paramatman in this body. This Paramatman has taken the form of Lord Pandurang and is standing on this small brick for Sant Pundalika to guide us and love us.”

“Lord Pandurang is one of countless Divine manifestations of Paramatman. He is available to any and everyone who seeks Him. Lord Brahma prayed to the Lord to take on a form. Paramatman took on the form of Lord Krishna and became Mother Devaki’s son. That Paramatman is also here as Lord Pandurang.” Once, the veil of ignorance is lifted, one can see clearly that the omnipresent Paramatman resides in Pandharpur as Lord Pandurang. He is also the one who is known as ‘Kala Ram’ in Panchavati. Jagadguru Shankaracharya saw Lord Pandurang as the omnipresent Paramatman. He composed the ‘Pandurangashtakam’ in which he describes this experience. Samarth Ramdas Swami saw Lord Rama in Shree Pandurang.

This Paramatman appears in front of all, only cry for Him, call Him, become desperate for Him. “Just call Me, I am right here (in Lord Pandurang)” is the gist of an abhang that was composed by Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.


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