Sagun Nirgun

21: Chitta

Sant Tukaram says, “Be content” and Patanjali Muni says, “A contented mind is the key to successful life”. ‘Contemplation (Chintan)’ is an inherent quality in man. The contemplating mind is referred to as ‘Chitta.’ Hence, the Shastras refer to the triad – Chitta, Chintan, Chaitanya. Let’s understand this.

‘Chitta’ is in the brain. The brain composed of soft tissue is interspersed with countless nerves and neurons all involved in the diverse functions in the human body. When these neurons weaken because of an injury, old age, dietary mishaps, stress, etc. the quality of human life is also affected. Hence, it is crucial that one ensures they remain healthy and intact by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Let us understand the functioning of the ‘Chitta’ through a simple example. When we see an object, the nerves carry the signal to the brain. Our intellect, emotions, and memory together with the image creates an impression on our ‘Chitta’ and we gain complete knowledge of the object. All sense organs function this way. So ‘Chitta’ plays a very important role. For example, a student was inattentive in class and hence would fail his exams. When the teacher discussed this with the student, the teacher realized that the student’s ‘Chitta’ was preoccupied by other thoughts. The teacher advised the student to focus on his studies and as soon as he did what he was told, the student passed with flying colors. Thus, it is evident that by merely reading, uttering words hearing one cannot really comprehend or remember anything. One needs to concentrate and contemplate.

The brain is a reservoir of tremendous knowledge. It is said that highly intelligent people have a huge brain and extraordinarily brave people have a very big heart. Napoleon was outstandingly intelligent. He would dictate separate messages to 50 different people simultaneously. He was a very efficient multitasker and a successful leader. He would keep himself busy throughout the day. A sharp intellect, pure ‘Chitta’ and a stable mind allowed him to handle many projects all at once. This is an inspiration to the youth of today.

Everyone can enhance their efficiency by following a study that the Lord described in the Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita. This study is called ‘Pantharaj’ ‘King of all yogic paths.’ The study is as follows-

“While sitting on a rug, when the eyes are gently closed and the body relaxes, one senses vibrations going up the spine towards the head. When the mind and body merge into Prana Shakti, one experiences bliss, ultimate happiness.” One experiences ‘I am Chaitanya’.


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