Sagun Nirgun

13: Self-sufficiency

‘All saints advise us ‘to be self-reliant.’ ‘Self-resilience’ literally means to be ‘self-sufficient and independent’, someone who believes in himself, and his efforts and relies only on his own self to tackle problems. A ‘Self-sufficient’ individual is considered the richest person in the world.

One of the key factors to become self-sufficient, is to be independent. It is very important to believe in oneself. Dependency on others for even the smallest of things makes one physically and mentally weak. Such an individual not only ill-treated and disrespected at home but also by the society. On the contrary, one who is independent and self-sufficient, not only respects others but also receives respect. He is looked up as a leader and a decision maker. He becomes a role model for everyone.

The lion wasn’t coronated to be king of the jungle. His strength, majestic nature, and self-sufficiency earned him this title. Indeed, we have many noble individuals who achieved greatness because they had the strength, the confidence and strong headedness to go against the stream and stand strong. These individuals are great examples for today’s youth.

Shree Samarth Ramadas Swami summarized the importance of ‘Self-sufficiency’ as follows-

‘One loses everything if one is dependent on others.
One gains everything if one is dependent on himself.’



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