Sagun Nirgun

11: Learning

‘Learning’ is ‘Knowledge’. The Shrutis and Smritis explain the 10 most important qualities of man. Among them ‘Knowledge’ is considered the most important quality. Various saints state the importance of ‘learning’. For example, Shree Samarth says, “He who understands the importance of learning is indeed lucky.” Poet Bhartruhari writes “Knowledge is man’s most priced possession.” This wealth can neither be stolen or borrowed, it is not a burden and it can be enhanced when it is shared.

A beautiful analogy is presented in the Yoga Vasishta. “An archer’s ardent practice transforms his lifeless arrow into an extremely strong weapon.” Similarly, nothing is impossible for him who tirelessly strives to gain knowledge. He is confident and fearless.”

The great saints and nobles of India attained greatness due to their continuous, unfaltering faith in learning and acquiring knowledge. Yogiraj Shree Gulawani Maharaj established the grand Yogapeeth, a world-renowned institute for aspirants of Mahayoga. The 14 Vidyas 64 Kalas is India’s true treasure. Kala means ‘something that gives true happiness.’ Researchers and scientists today recognize the importance of learning and are striving to instill the love for it in the minds of the youth today. This is a very important step towards making our youth competitive, self-reliant, dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs. Similarly, study of the spiritual scriptures under the guidance of a capable Guru is important.

A student from Gandhara, once approached a teacher and requested him to make him his student. The teacher, on seeing the lines the student’s palm said, “Your palm does not have the line for education. Hence, I can’t teach you.” The student was upset. He was so determined to learn, that with a sharp object he cut a line on his palm. He came back to the teacher, puts his palm forth and said, “See I have the education line. Now can I be your student?” The teacher took him in.

Sant Vinoba Bhave says, “One is never too old to learn. What is essential however is the will and desire and faith.”


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