Let’s Realize Our Divine Form

Once Gurudev was explaining to his disciples that every human being is the Divine.

Gurudev says, “Let’s realize our divine form.”

Disciple asks, “But is this even possible?

Gurudev answers, “Yes, absolutely.”

Gurudev explains, “Let me tell you an incident from the Ramayana. This incident took place in Shri Lanka, where Mother Sita was held hostage by Ravana. This is a conversation between Mother Sita and Trijata, the demoness who was guarding her.”

Gurudev says, “Mother Sita was sitting under a tree. She was intently looking at a small insect. The insect was engrossed in watching the bumblebee It seemed as if it was meditating on the bee. To Sita’s utter amazement, the insect eventually changed into a bumblebee.

Turning towards Trijata, she said, “Dear Trijata, I am constantly thinking of Shri Rama.”

Trijata said, “How is it so?”

Sita said, “I see Him everywhere, my mind is constantly occupied by Him and I cannot think of anything or anyone other than Him.”

Trijata replied, “This is absolutely wonderful.”

Sita said, “But I am afraid.”

Trijata said, “What are you afraid of?”

Sita said, “My dear, think about it. I am constantly thinking of Shri Rama and I will eventually become Him. Then, how will I carry out our household duties?”

Trijata smiled and replied, “If this happens, it will be amazing.”

Sita was confused and said, “How so, please explain this to me.”

Trijata explained, “Just as your meditation on Shri Rama will turn you into Him, Shri Rama is also meditating on you. He will turn into you.”

Sita was astounded, “My goodness! Will this really happen?”

Trijata replied, “Yes, this is sure to happen. The moment you become Shri Rama, you will kill Ravana and go back to your dear Sita”.”

Gurudev continues, “When we begin to focus all our attention on the Absolute, we no longer remain different, separate. All duality dissipates and we experience Oneness because we are the Self. In the ‘Eknathi Bhagawat,’ Sant Eknath Maharaj has beautifully described this transformation. He says, ‘If man intensely concentrates on anything be it with love, anger, fear or any emotion, he will become one with it. Such intense concentration is only possible when the body still exists. Once the body, the covering is destroyed, everything is pointless.”

Gurudev continues, “To explain what intense concentration means, Eknath Maharaj has given an example of Bhingurati (a type of fly). It captures an insect and encloses it in her house. The insect, afraid of being killed, constantly thinks about the fly. Due to its intense concentration on the fly, the insect finally transforms into the fly and flies away.”

Guru explains, “Only intense concentration brings about a transformation of the impossible. In this example, we are seeing that a tiny insect transforms into a fly. Both are ignorant here, but the transformation of one into the other has occurred. Now think, if this is possible for the primitive-minded, what will happen when a human being intently concentrates on the Absolute. We are Him, but our strong ‘Body-am-I’ intellect needs to turn inward and with an intense concentration like the insect, we realize that we are the Absolute, we are Divine.”

After hearing this story from his Guru, the disciple’s curiosity was stirred.

He says, “Please guide me, I want to know more about this path.”

Guru says, “Dear child, we have to know our true Self.”

Disciple asks, “How do I do this?”

Guru replies, “For this, we will have to perform an exercise.”

Disciple asks, “What is this exercise?”

Guru says, “It is very easy, you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is –

*Sit in a comfortable position.

*Place your trust in the Divine and close your eyes.

*Relax your body, don’t try anything deliberately.

*Focus your attention on your inhalation and exhalation (I am not the body; I am not the mind; I am the Self).”

The disciple did as he was told. After a while, he opened his eyes and said, “What you said is absolutely right. I had the feeling of Oneness. I am Divine, I am the Self.”