Inexpressible Love Form

Once a disciple raised a query. “Gurudev, what is supreme, life force or love? Did Lord Brahma also wonder about this?”

Gurudev says, “Yes, Lord Brahma also wondered… among the two, life force or love, what is supreme? I am going to tell you a story and based on it, you can decide for yourself.

Gurudev continues, “Now listen…One day, a question popped up in Lord Brahma’s mind…what is supreme, love or life force? So, he took a balance and on one side he put in love and in the other he put life force.”

Disciple says, “Which side was heavier, Gurudev?”

Gurudev says, “Obviously the side that had love was heavy. The side that had life force was lighter and went up. Similarly, love has weight and that is why it is deep within our hearts and breath or life force is lighter. That is why it exists in our throat. Sant Namdev has put this very beautifully in his abhanga. He said, “Dear Lord, I don’t care if my body remains or is destroyed. Let me have deep faith at your holy feet. Let my tongue constantly chant your holy name and let my heart be filled with devotion for you.”

Gurudev says, “Now tell me, dear child, what is supreme?”

The disciple was dumbstruck. He kept looking at his Gurudev.

Gurudev says, “Alright listen! I will tell you one more story. This is an incident from the life of Sant Janabai. Once Janabai went for a bath but forgot to bring some cool water with her. She started thinking, ‘How do I bathe with such hot water?’”

Disciple asks, ”Then what happened?”

Gurudev says, “Janabai was a devotee of Lord Pandurang. Lord Pandurang also loved her. This was holy love between the Lord and his devotee. It is this pure love, pure devotion that brings God closer to his devotee. Lord Pandurang knew Janabai was in a fix and came to her rescue. He started handing her cool water. Seeing His love for her, she was overwhelmed and said, “Enough O Panduranga! My mind is completely satisfied’. This means that where God resides, that place, our heart should be overflowing with devotion and love. Only then will our mind, intellect and our sense organs find peace!!”

Disciple says, “This is so true Gurudev! Complete surrender is what it is!”

Gurudev says, “Now did you understand? ‘If there is breath, there is life’ – although this statement is true, a life devoid of love is not a life at all. God, Guru likes it when they see their devotees’ hearts filled with unconditional love. This kind of love is unique.”

Gurudev further explains, “Maharishi Narada has put forth the ‘Bhakti Sutras’ that beautifully teach us the art of loving God. Do you know what he says?”

Disciple answers, “No Gurudev, but I am curious.”

Gurudev says, “Narada’s ‘Bhakti Sutras’ is a holy book that describes the science of devotion. The sutras are beautifully weaved into the garland of devotion to be offered to our God.”

Gurudev explains further, “Maharshi Narada explains that ‘devotion’ means supreme love towards God (सा त्वस्मिन् परमप्रेमरुपा). This cannot be explained in words (अनिर्वचनीयं प्रेमस्वरुपम्). A mute person cannot explain the sweetness of jaggery but can only experience it. A devotee too is unable to express the supreme love he experiences. This supreme love is God. Through devotion, a devotee experiences joyfulness, ecstasy, and Oneness. Would like to experience this?”

Disciple answers, “Yes Gurudev!”

Gurudev says, “Alright then, do as I tell you.
Sit comfortably.
Calm your mind.
Close your eyes.
Relax the body.
Focus your attention on your breath… slow inhalation, slow exhalation!
Now become aware of the supreme love that is in you and you will realize the power of this eternal love.”