Hey Shri Krishna, I want to see you!

Jagadguru Shankaracharya was born in Kaalati, a small town in Kerala. His father was Shivaguru and his mother was Aaryamba. They were all Shri Krishna’s devotees, especially Jagadguru’s mother, who was His profound devotee. While the entire world bows down to saints, all saints bow down to the mother. Jagadguru was extremely fond of his mother and it was evident from his every action.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya traveled all over India to steer people onto the path of Advaita Dharma. Around this time, Jagadguru’s mother, now very old, began yearning for him. As soon as he realized this, he rushed back to her. He met her and stood in front of her.

She said, “Shankara! You are well-renowned. Everyone reveres you.”

Jagadguru: “Mother, this is all because of your blessings!”

Mother: “Shankara, God speaks to you.”

Jagadguru: “Mother, please tell me what you desire.”

Mother: “Shankara, from a very young age I have been worshipping Lord Shri Krishna. I have an ardent desire to see him.”

Jagadguru Shankaracharya wanted to fulfill his mother’s wish and so he started singing praises of Shri Krishna. That stotra is the ‘Krishnashtakam.’ In this stotra, Acharya has sung the glories of Shri Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna, the very fountain of happiness, will appear for those who sincerely wish it.

Acharya says, “Hey Shri Krishna, you are the source of the entire universe. Please appear before me. I am very anxious to see you. Shri Krishna, the one who is pure and holy, whose glories are described in the Vedas, who is the ruler of Vrindavan and Gokula, I wish to see you with my own eyes. Please come, I can no longer contain myself.”

Lord Shri Krishna was listening and was getting pleased by Jagadguru’s praises.

Acharya says, “Hey Shri Krishna, you take all your devotee’s pain (har). That is why you are also called ‘Hari’, isn’t it?

Acharya continues, “You are the soul of this entire universe. The One that the Vedas describe is you. Won’t you appear before my mother and bless her? Please come, I pray to you again and again.”

Upon hearing Acharya’s sincere pleads, Lord Shri Krishna appeared before him. Acharya gently helped his mother sit up. His praises had made Lord Shri Krishna appear before them.

Seeing His Divine form, Acharya says to his mother, “Dear mother! Look, Lord Shri Krishna is standing before you.” She joined her trembling arms and paid obeisance to Him.

She was continually chanting, “Krishnam vande jagadgurum! Krishnam vande jagadgurum!”

She saw her dear beloved Lord Shri Krishna as the very source of eternal peace and joy, holding a conch shell in one hand, a mace in the second hand, a disc in the third and a lotus in the fourth. Goddess Laxmi was standing by his side. Acharya’s mother joined her hands. She was very happy. Her eyes filled with tears. She was speechless.

Then she said, “Shankara, you are also the Jagadguru! May you be victorious! May you be victorious!”

She blessed him. She had become one with Lord Shri Krishna. Now no duality remained, and she had achieved the Ultimate!

Such is our Acharya, Jagadguru Shankaracharya. Our obeisance to him!