Divinity in Everyone

Disciple says, “Gurudev, with your permission, I would like to ask you a question.”

Gurudev says, “Yes, you have my permission.”

Disciple says, “I would like to know how I should act in everyday life. No matter what I do, I am the one who is miserable. I am confused.”

Gurudev says, “I will tell you an interesting story. After that, you tell me how one should act in daily life.”

Gurudev continues, “Ramkrishna Paramhansa had many disciples who were ascetics. They lived in the ashram and would sincerely follow their spiritual practices. All of them were working towards standing unanimously for a common goal, a common purpose.

The summer months, where the ashram was, were especially warm, and during one particularly hot summer day, the disciples were taking their afternoon nap on rugs laid down on the floor in a room. Since it was very hot, everyone was sweating and restless. Suddenly, Swami Akhandananda got up, picked up a big hand-fan and started fanning everyone. In a short while, everyone was peaceful and quickly fell asleep. While fanning his fellowmen, swami Akhandananda did not feel the heat. His body was cool.”

Disciple says, “How did this happen, Gurudev?”

Gurudev says, “He rejoiced in other people’s happiness. His competency for such a quality had increased to extraordinary levels. His Guru, P. Pu. Ramakrishna had given him this extraordinary experience.”

Disciple says, “What was that incident, please do tell me.”

Gurudev says, “Alright listen. Swami Akhandananda would accompany his Sadguru. They would travel by a horse-carriage. Swami Akhandananda observed that whenever the owner hit the horse with a whip, his Sadguru would tremble and become extremely distraught. He would be in pain.”

Disciple says, “What happened next?”

Gurudev says, “Seeing how troubled their Guru was, all the disciples decided to attach the carriage to a horse that well-behaved.”

Gurudev continues, “Now you tell me, did you get the answer to your question?”

Disciple says, “Yes, Gurudev.”

Gurudev says, “Dear child! Always remember that we are seekers and our spiritual practice is so that our consciousness is in tune with the Divine consciousness.
Our Upanishads stress the importance of concentrate on the Atma, the Self.”

Disciple says, “Very true Gurudev, through our meditative practices, we are able to experience Oneness in everything around us.”

Gurudev says, “This remarkable and divine practice allows us to increase our positivity. This positivity then begins to reveal itself in our every action. As a result, we begin to feel serene and indifferent but at the same time compassionate. Our every act becomes a selfless deed. This is our true nature! Even our senior guru P. P. Shrimadvasudevanandsaraswatiswami Maharaj has enumerated the signs of increased positivity. They are –
We develop a deep faith in our personal duties. Rituals are carried out diligently. We begin to care for our parents, cows, and visitors, we develop an interest in devotional songs and studying religious texts, we become sweet and compassionate, we care for the others’ wellbeing, the women among us respect their in-laws and other elderly people, etc.”

Gurudev continues, “In the ‘Chaitanya – geet’, P. Pu. Kakamaharaj has beautifully advised us on how to live a truly successful life. Everyone must introspect, examine themselves based on the above criteria and persistently continue their spiritual practices.”

Disciple says, “Yes Gurudev, I will definitely change my attitude along these lines.”

Gurudev says, “Come then, sit down to meditate on the Divine.

Sit comfortably…
Close your eyes …
Relax your body …
Focus your attention on your inhalation and exhalation…
Be a witness to whatever happens …
Have complete faith, surrender yourself …..

You have blessings from the Guru lineage, ‘May your spiritual practice blossom (‘साधनसमृद्धिरस्तु)’.”