Sagun Nirgun

38: Expectation-Ignorance

The Shree Devi Mahatmya of the Markandeya Purana, states that “Birds and humans have an inherent knowledge of raising their young with love.” But man expects his children to serve him and take care of him. If children fail to reciprocate, then he gets frustrated and laments, “How unlucky am I? My children neglect me.”

Let’s look at an inspirational incident in the life of Sant Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. Once when Shree Dnyaneshwar was young, the villagers made fun of him. Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj got upset, and locked himself in the house. Sant Muktabai asked, “Dnyanoba, what’s the matter? Why are you sad?” Dnyaneshwar Maharaj remained silent. Sant Muktabai understood what had happened and consoled him, “Saints should not give any importance to insults. They should be kind and forgiving. Even after hearing harsh words, saints should remain calm and unaffected.”

Muktabai advised further, “If we bite our own tongue do we pull out our teeth, Gyanoba? No. You are a great saint. Your heart is full of compassion. Your life is for social upliftment. Please drop all sour feelings and come out.” Hearing Muktabai’s loving advice, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj calmed down. He opened the door, came out and praised Muktabai.

Once an elderly gentleman came to meet Brahmashree Datta Maharaj and said, “I am depressed. I have no respect at home. Everyone neglects me.” Shree Datta Maharaj said, “Expectations are the cause of insult. Ignore everything. Don’t expect anything. You will be happy. Remember this formula. Bhikshu Gita, a chapter from Shrimad Bhagawatpuran is very inspiring.” “When it rains after the scorching heat, the weather cools down. Similarly, people who feel neglected find peace by meditating on the Bhikshu Gita. In this composition, a virtuous person narrates his experiences. He says, “O people, do not blame God, relatives, or anyone. We expect others to fulfil our expectations and hence we suffer. If we live in this constant awareness, we can live a successful and happy life.”


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